Turnkey Solutions

Do you have a specific or unusual application? Omni Structures will design from your CAD files or the part, build, deliver and setup your tooling. Specific dedicated details will be incorporated where necessary. Your options are almost unlimited.
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Quick Fixtures

Omni Structures can design and build fixtures for your “hot” projects. This service is generally for non-datum style fixtures; call to discuss your project. We can arrange to receive your part and then provide a photo proposal and quotation.
Our goal is to return a proposal in 36 hours and have a fixture ready to ship upon receipt of a Purchase Order
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Onsite Training

Your time is important. Omni Structures will come to your site for staff training. In your environment, using your application, we will bring your employees up to speed.
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Telephone Support

 Mon-Fri 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern Time


E-Mail Support

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We will get back to you in 24 hours or less.