Omni Structures Turn-Key Case Study: Universal Door Fixture – Rotating

The Universal Door Fixture (UDF) concept is simple. Hold the part on a bottom edge, stop the side to side slide and then provide a stop for the lean. Really it’s just like leaning your bicycle against the garage.

Of course as soon as it seems simple “more” steps up. In this instant the request was for the holding system to rotate, once turned the measuring system would reestablish the part datums.

The final design has a standard UDF configuration supported on a turntable assembly with a rotation stop at specific degree increments.

The UDF is built with Omni’s XTR System as the primary construction and then S75 components for the contact points. 

The UDF holds the auto door on the lower hemmed edge in a pair of non-marring plastic Vees, the fore/aft (side to side) stop is a contact point on the main inner body and the lean is set to mimic the normal body angles with a contact point just under the window. Clamps can be added if necessary.

The customer measures with lasers but the UDF design works equally well with traditional touch-probe measuring.

The UDF fixture works for auto doors, lift gates, side glass, windshields and other similar parts.