Risers are the primary building components.  All standard configurations have male & female threads except "Blanks" with only male threads.  Risers lift, offset and support other fixturing components or the measured part.  Risers are available in two hex sizes and three lengths.













Towers are rectangular components with threaded holes in various orientations.  These stack, lift and support using Group 06 Connectors to secure the assembly.












03-Wall Modules

Walls lift and orient with holes generally parallel to the Group 04 Base Platforms.  Like all components there's no absolute methodology for use and construction.












04-Base Platforms

The S37V clear acrylic Base Platform is 6" x 12" x .5". Multiple S37V Platforms can be connected to build larger base assemblies.












05-Clamp Modules

Clamps are steel with a variety of styles available.  The primary "hook" style is normally used with a compression spring providing the clamping force but these can also be used with a tightened bolt for the force.













Most connectors are standard out-of-the-box varieties.  The S37 Systems use SAE #10-32 threads, standard Dowels and #4-40 threads.












07-Location Pads

Locators are the final component that touches the measured part.  Omni Structures' Locators are hardened steel in various heights and profiles.













The Omni Structures' V-Blocks are split into two pieces allowing wide spacing for larger measured parts.  As necessary, Location Pads are used for the contact surface and Spacers can be used to adjust to the required size.












09-Bridge Modules

The Bridge is used to span open spaces.













Accessories include hand tools, tool boxes and instruction documents.