The bumper fixture was developed to force a roll-formed tube to nominal orientation i.e. straight vertically while maintaining the horizontal curve. The toggle clamps push the tube up to two solid, vertical and parallel location surfaces mounted on vertical XTR tubes. The location points simulate the bumper mounting points

This fixture is a good example of a dedicated Datum Tooling Station (DTS) design, using a Reference Plate, XTR Bases to hold the XTR tubes, S75 components and custom components.

Door Side Panel

Left & Right inner door panels fixture on a stand-alone XTR fixture. This style of fixture is not confined to use on just the CMM. Gauging components are options for shop floor measurements. Alternate designs might increase the length of the horizontal bars or vertical tubes to hold larger parts.

Rear Bumper

The rear plastic bumper fascia is held in body location with standard S75 location pads and spring clamps. The XTR Bases, Tubes and Caps provide the primary vertical and horizontal construction. The independent Datum Tooling Stations are easily positioned on the Reference Base to provide fast change-over. A front fascia is held using similar components and techniques it is easily interchanged on the Reference plate


Even more traditional diecast parts can benefit from Omni’s XTR. As shown in the manifold fixture simple vertical tubes make holding the part upright an easy task. XTR Caps provide the primary building pads for S75 construction components. This design provides almost complete access to the features in one set-up.