DieCast Rings

Two parts fixtured on independent S37 3”x6” Platforms then each Platform is secured to a S75 6”x12” Platform. The vertical orientation allows access to both sides and the perimeter in one set-up. Three sprung Clamps hold the parts over the Datums. An adjustable rotation stop sets the “timing”. Not shown in the image are the lateral and vertical “zeros” which are held with the Datum A Locators on a ridge of the part.

Snow Board Bindings

These are diecast snow board binding latches. A S37 1.5”x3” Platform is stacked on a S37 3”x6” Platform to lift the smaller part. All pivot holes are accessible from either side and a sprung clamp secures each part to Datum Locators.

Faucet Valve Cartridge

The brass Cartridge rests on four Spherical Locators and will roll and slide. A moving Locators stops the left/right sliding to position the turned bands over the Locators. Rotational timing is visually adjusted using a secondary square (not shown).

Transmission Actuator

With a vertical orientation this Transmission Actuator is accessible from two sides and the top. A single sprung Clamp secures the part. A single Spherical Locator sets the vertical position with four Spherical Locators holding the vertical orientation. Rotation is “eyeballed” and centered.


A variety of components hold these two parts: V Branches, Clamps, Location Pads along with Dyna Slides and a Clamp Screw are the larger primary holding pieces.

Bone Splint

This contoured part sits on three Locators to develop a level and then two Spherical Locators set alignment and hold the part down. A single cylindrical Locator sets C. The sliding assembly pushes the part to the alignment Locators and completes the clamping action, and yes, the sliding assembly is pulled with a common rubber band which supplies sufficient pressure. FYI while the rubber band may seem suspect, it is fast, cheap, compact and easy.

Cast Lever

The lever is held on a S37 3”x6” Platform. Pivot and actuation features are accessible as are most of the body contours. Sprung Clamps, Spherical Locators, Risers and V Branches complete the construction.

Seat Retention Clip

Another example of S37 3”x6” Platforms mounted on S75 Platform Extenders. The wire is held on four Flat Locators and then secured between multiple other Locators to control the bends. Primary components are H Branches, Risers and Location Pads.