Omni System Specifications

True position for all holes:

.004" Diameter


.0003" per inch

Stackable dimensions:

+/- .001"

Hole diameters:

+/- .001"

Hole pattern:

Omni Penta Hole Pattern: This can be described two ways 1) a quad/square pattern of holes with a central hole or 2) a pattern of holes, at the Series indicated spacing, with a second grid shifted one-half of the hole spacing in two directions.

Series 75: Omni Penta™ .750"
Series 37: Omni Penta™ .375"
Reference: Omni Reference™ .750” square – 4 holes
The square pattern is repeated on 3.000” centers, starting with a single row along the outside edges.


Series 75: 3/8-16 UNC-2B • (internal threads truncated for 5/16" dowels)
Series 37: #10-32 UNF-2B • (internal threads truncated for 4mm dowels)

Primary Component Materials:

6061 T6, Anodized Aluminum
Reference Plate Materials: Mic-6 or equivalent, 1” thick, as cast surface, Hardcoat Type III anodize. 

Clamp Component Materials:

Black Oxide, Steel

Location Pad Component Materials:

Black Oxide, Hardened Steel

Hardware Component Materials:

Black Oxide, Steel

XTR Tube Lengths:

+/- .015"; ends are square to .002" / inch