Industries Served

Nearly any organization that produces manufactured products can successfully apply Omni. Any manufacturing organization that builds fixtures, gauges or special machines should be using Omni now.


Commercial and military airplanes, missiles, spacecraft and helicopters can all benefit from the use of Omni. Fuselage components, engines, landing gear, as well as instruments, hydraulics and interior items may be fixtured for many types of production and inspection operations. Field maintenance is also an area where the Omni System excels.


Metals, plastics, glass, cast, machined or molded components are all candidates for Omni Structures as the inspection fixturing.
The Omni System has found wide use in the automotive business for checking sheetmetal and fiberglass body components. Large fixture assemblies are perfect for building restraining fixtures to hold these parts in body-position for CMM inspection.


Plastics, sheet metal, die castings and circuit boards can be staged for many production operations and inspection steps. Omni products help to shorten tool-up time frames, a necessity in today's high technology business.

Heavy Equipment

CMM fixtures for weldments, diesel components, hydraulics, cabs and suspensions are a snap with Omni System. The light but super strong Omni modules are a perfect match for over-the-road and off-road vehicles.