Omni System Options

The Omni System is a world or master system that includes hundreds of standard and special modules. All system equipment "Plays together" with common connection methods and hardware. Every individual module will connect with all others in the construction of fixtures and special machines.

Standard Sets

Omni Standard Sets are made up of either Series 75 & 37 modules, the basic building blocks of the Omni System. With Standard Sets, many types of fixtures and gauges may be built.

Tailored Sets

In many instances, the user desires a standard Set with some extras or possibly an exchange of certain components. These extras could include additional standard Omni modules or those not found in sets, special components such as indicator gauges or custom devices required for a proprietary product. In such cases, Omni Sales Engineers work with you to provide a set tailored to your needs.

Turn-Key Fixtures

Omni Turn-Key Fixtures are designed and built to meet a customer's need for a specific part and rather than purchasing a complete Set only those components that are required in the design are purchased. These fixtures can set the complete datum system or simply hold the part for CMM inspection. Like a traditional dedicated fixture the Omni Turn-Key Fixture is used when required, one advantage over the traditional is when the fixture is out of service the components can be integrated into a new fixture. Turn-Key Fixtures can include any Omni component and other tooling pieces or special components. Omni will design, build, document and deliver the complete fixture. Turn-Key options are almost unlimited.


The Omni Workstation combines Omni products with other high-tech hardware to create a functional workstation. For example, we can combine a table assembly with a tube fixturing system and portable CMM to create a tube inspection workcell. This workcell could be reconfigured in minutes to hold and inspect various tube assemblies. A workstation such as this is capable of inspecting hundreds of different tubes, changing from one to another quickly and easily. We have described just one workstation example. The only limit with this concept is your imagination.

Individual Components

Omni is always pleased to help you enhance and upgrade your system to larger configurations or a special system to meet your needs. Individual components are always available.