Frequently Asked Questions

What is modular tooling?

Modular tooling is a method of building fixtures from a collection of universal components. When the fixture is no longer needed it can be disassembled and the components assembled as other fixtures.

Why are modular fixtures better than dedicated fixtures?

You can reuse components from one fixture to the next and amortize system costs over multiple fixtures. The modular system is flexible enough to hold a wide range of part sizes and the designs are easily adaptable to engineering changes. New designs can be built in hours not weeks.

Why is the Omni System better than its competition?

The Omni system makes more efficient use of components and offers a wide variety of components. Omni gives you greater flexibility in assembly options and wider capabilities for your investment. While Omni Structures has many proprietary component designs, the basic connectors are standard off-the-shelf pieces.

What size parts can be held by the Omni System?

5/8" cube to airline fuselage panels.

Are there weight restrictions?

Omni can hold as much as 1 ton with the appropriate components and loading methods.

How long does it take to build a fixture?

Fixtures take from a few minutes to multiple hours to build. The total time will depend on the user’s experience, the part's requirements and complexity.

How long does it take to rebuild a fixture?

Many fixtures can be rebuilt in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the user and the fixture.

How consistently can a fixture be rebuilt?

Non-datum fixtures can be rebuilt to within a tolerance of better than .015" without the need of measurement tools. The Omni system provides the means to adjust to +/- .001"

Can Omni build datum target fixtures?

Yes, however it generally takes longer to build due to additional design requirements, adjustment and fixture certification.

Is the system English or Metric?

Omni uses English (SAE) connectors and inch spacing. English connectors are more readily available, at least in the USA, and in a greater variety. The system is adjustable to any dimension.

How are parts clamped?

Spring loaded clamps are used to produce more consistent and repeatable pressures. Clamps can be used without springs for increased clamping pressures.

Are toggle clamps available?

Toggle clamps are possible but will require a specific mounting block.

Can the Omni System be used in manufacturing?

Yes. Low force applications like laser cutting, light welding and water-jet cutting are a perfect fit for Omni. Assembly and gluing fixtures are also potential candidates for Omni Structures. We do not recommend using Omni components for heavy machining where high dynamic loads are possible and high clamping forces are necessary.