The Flexible Concept

The Omni System is comprised of basic building blocks from which all kinds of workholding fixtures and other manufacturing equipment can be constructed. The Omni Database includes hundreds of building modules of all shapes, types and functions.

The user may build simple manual fixtures or complex automated fixtures. The Omni System includes modules of various sizes, allowing fixtures to be built for parts as small as an electrical switch or a complete automobile or larger. The system features many advanced concepts available only from Omni.

Structure Shape Technology

Build complex structures in an absolute minimum of time. With consistent connection features and standard construction techniques, learning to build with Omni Structures is reduced to a few simple steps.

Minimum Force Clamping

Spring loaded clamps secure the workpiece with minimal distortion.

Platform Extender Concept

Quickly and economically construct large Base Platforms from small Platform modules.

Power Point Tooling

Instantly place locating and clamping stations at precise datum points.

Datum Tooling Stations (DTS)

Complete assembled modules that are easily removed for fast fixture changeover.

Reference Plate Tooling

Special fixture bases that become the primary construction base for interchangeable tooling systems. Multiple References bases can be combined to build large continuous tooling surfaces.

Lowest Common Denominator (LCD)

While true versatility comes from enhanced modular concepts there are times and applications that benefit from a single part that is the same size or larger than individual components. This could be a 4" Riser that is stronger and less expensive than four connected 1" Risers or a complete assembled rigid base structure. Omni refers to these large pieces as Lowest Common Denominator (LCD). LCD can also refer to large assembled structures that are not regularly disassembled. These structures, due to design parameters, become the primary base system and are not disassembled until the primary base no longer suits the fixturing requirements. The advantages are: reduced building / changeover times and stronger fixtures while maintaining the versatility of the modular components.