Application Areas

The Omni System may be used in many areas of manufacturing, inspection, testing and R&D.

The user may build simple manual fixtures or complex automated fixtures. The Omni System includes modules of various sizes, allowing fixtures to be built for parts as small as an electrical switch or a complete automobile or larger. The system features many advanced concepts available only from Omni.


The Omni System builds accurate assembly jigs and fixtures of all sizes. These assemblies may also be used as rework fixtures for salvage operations.


Coordinate Measuring Machines are great candidates for the Omni System. All types of CMM's including bridge, horizontal, portable and optical become more efficient when combined with Omni tooling.


Compact, efficient holding fixtures for EDM Ram and Wire machines may be constructed quickly with the Omni System.


Fixture gauges that include elements such as indicators, micrometer heads and true position probes can be quickly and easily constructed with Omni modules.

Laser Cutting

Flexible fixtures to hold parts for intricate laser cutting may be built by the user or purchased as a turnkey package.  Large sheetmetal items like aircraft skins or auto body panels are easily held in Omni fixtures for laser cutting operations.


The Omni System fits neatly into research and development functions. Test stands and temporary fixtures are great applications for the accurate, efficient modular building system.


Robotic Workcells are perfect applications for the Omni System. A flexible workholding arrangement combines fixtures and structures with robots to create a totally flexible manufacturing solution.

Surface Plate Inspection

Omni saves precious time in surface plate inspection and other bench-type operations.


Large products like molded fiberglass panels and plastic components are easily held in Omni fixtures for water-jet cutting operations.


These are just a few of the areas where the time and dollar savings of Omni may be realized. Application of the Omni System is limited only by your imagination.