Features and Benefits

Dollar Savings

The bottom line savings from the use of Omni can be as large as 90% This means that the amortized cost could only be 10% of the cost of dedicated fixtures. While we cannot guarantee savings of this type in every case, our tooling specialists work with customers to maximize return-on-investment for each specific application. Normally the savings from the use of Omni allows the equipment to pay for itself very quickly. At this point, the more you use the system the more you save.

Time Savings

Completing a dedicated fixture of minimal complexity normally takes 5 to 6 weeks, or more. This includes quote, PO, design, build, and inspection phases. The process can be even longer if corrections and design modifications are necessary. At present, most manufacturing companies purchase tooling from outside sources which create additional problems causing more delays. With Omni, fixture building may be accomplished right at the machine in an absolute minimum of time. Construction of a typical fixture might take an hour or two for the original build and just minutes for subsequent rebuilds. This time compression feature will help reduce those critical time-to-market schedules.

Expandable Base Platforms

Omni's Base Platforms come in various sizes and can be arranged to accommodate a wide variety of parts.  Platform Extenders are used to connect multiple Platforms into a large base area, arranged to meet your part's shape and size requirements.

Reference Bases

Omniís Reference Bases are large tooling plates with a hole pattern designed to secure any Omni Base Platform on 3" increments. This allows very large fixture construction with a primary base and multiple smaller Platforms. The advantage is in having one primary base for multiple fixtures utilizing Omniís Datum Tooling Stations (DTS) for fast fixture changeover. Reference Bases can be designed to meet any size requirements and built into a wide variety of configurations. The standard configurations are a "L" with a single vertical and horizontal tooling surface, a "T" which has opposing horizontal and vertical tooling surfaces. The simple options are independent vertical or horizontal work surfaces.

Multiple Series Sizes

S75 Macro is meant for parts sized 2" and larger such as automotive suspension components, office furniture brackets, jet engine fan blades, engine blocks and computer housings.  Fixtures for almost any part can be built with S75.  S75 Macro can be used as the base system for S37 Micro.

S37 Micro is designed for parts sized from ¾" to 6" such as spark plugs, small castings or stampings and electrical components. It is the only system of its kind in the industry.

XTR is a system of special Base and Cap Platforms and tube sections for building fixtures for large sheetmetal and heavy components. The inexpensive, interchangeable tubes provide increased versatility and an expanded building range. XTR is used with S75 - Macro as the top components and Reference Bases for the primary support and connection platform.

System Integration

With direct connection through common threads for S75 and XTR and simple adapters to S37 all Omni system can be used together to further expand their capabilities. Non-Omni components are easily added to expand the system's capabilities to construct gauges, assembly fixtures and more.

Expansion and Evolution

Every day Omni users discover new benefits that add up to even greater time and dollar savings. Omni provides you with the ability to grow and expand a tooling system to a configuration that best suits your needs. Sets can be upgraded by purchasing additional pieces to expand capabilities.

Backwards Compatibility

Equipment purchased today will not become outdated tomorrow.

Simple Building Methods

These can be easily mastered by both technical and non-technical employees.  Fixtures can be built real-time or in CAD with Omni's complete CAD library.

Minimal Storage Requirements

The use of Omni will eliminate the need for large and costly fixture storage systems.  When a fixture is nolonger in use or required for an extend time the design can be stored either in CAD or with simple paper methods.  When a fixture is required is can be easily and quickly rebuilt.

Hardened Steel Locators

Hardened steel locators ensure maximum wear resistance and accuracy.

Aluminum Components

Aluminum reduces the weight of the fixtures while maintaining rigidity.

Nonproprietary Hardware

S75's 3/8-16 & S37's #10-32 threads for all connections allow the use of easily attained bolts, nuts washers and dowels rather than expensive, nonstandard proprietary hardware.

Spring Loaded Clamps

Spring loaded clamps produce consistent and repeatable clamping tension. Through the use of different springs, alternate pressures can be achieved.

Dyna System

Specific components provide you with infinite location options. The Dyna system is a groove in the base of many components for clamping and sliding when used with Dyna Clamps and Dyna Slides.

Penta™ System

Omni's Penta™ Pattern provides you with almost twice as many mounting holes as a traditional square pattern. The Penta™ Pattern is two interlaced square hole patterns shifted diagonally from each other.

Turnkey Fixtures

Omni can provide you with a ready-made fixture for your parts. The fixture can be purchased separately or as part of a set.

Quick Fixtures

Turnkey fixtures in 3-4 days. This service is available for a wide range of part sizes and types.

Custom Sets

Sets can be tailored to fit your requirements by adding and/or removing components.

One Year Warranty

Defective components will be replaced at no charge.


Omni maintains an extensive inventory. Generally, components will be shipped in 48 hours. Sets normally ship in 3-5 days.